THE Vikings defeated Twin Lakes Thunderbirds in the SCAA Semi-Final today by a score of 3-1. The boys went into the match with confidence despite having lost to Twin in the regular season.

The Vikings earned the point on the Thunderbird’s first serve, and then the Captain went on an impressive 11-point serving streak. However, Twin Lakes stayed in the game, slowly closing the gap, but North was able to close the set 25-22.

The second squad took the court for the second set, and the score was fairly even throughout the entire set. The Vikings made a few adjustments in the second half of the set being down three points, and then rallied back to take the set 28-26.

The Vikings were hoping to close the third set, but ran into some service and communication trouble on the court, allowing Twin to capitalize taking the set 25-20.

Not wanting the match to go to five, the Vikings collected themselves from their defeat, and took the court for the fourth set. With service improved, and confidence in their hits, they took control of the set and didn’t look back. Twin attempted to make some changes as the set drew to a close, but it was too late. This time North closed the deal 25-18 putting an end to Twin Lakes season, and advancing them to the SCAA Final where they will face Nottawasaga Pines. The Vikings are looking to repeat today’s performance in the Final having lost to the Timberwolves early in the regular season.

Congratulations, boys!

Go, Vikings!



THE Vikings traveled to Eastview Secondary School for the annual Barrie City’s Tournament. While the boys perform quite as well as they’d hoped, there was some fantastic volleyball played, and this was what the Vikings needed in order to prepare for SCAA playoffs!

The opening sets were against Eastview Wildcats, who proved to be a strong an organized squad. However, the Vikings rose to the challenge, and ended up splitting the sets thanks to some outstanding work at the net both in blocking and in hitting!

The second game of the round robin were against JOA. While the Vikes didn’t play quite as well as in the opening game versus ESS, they were still able to split these sets giving them two wins but only 3 points so far in the tourney.

The final game of the round robin was versus Nouvelle Alliance, who defeated the Vikings in the regular season. In the first set, the Vikings got stuck in a rut. When the set looked to be over, the Vikes earned serve with ENA at set point and over 10 points in the lead. Some strong serves and great communication on the court brought the Vikings to an incredible 25-24 lead in the set. Unfortunately, they were not able to close the set and were defeated 27-25. The second set proved to be similar, where the Vikings fought back from what seemed to be an insurmountable deficit, but again, there were just shy of the win. The two set losses had them face Romeo Dellaire in the consolation match.

This time, the Vikings dominated both sets despite some rotation issues in the first. They walked away with a 2-0 victory to end the tournament on a high note. The boys should be proud of their performance at their first Barrie City’s Tournament! Now they are looking forward to hosting Twin Lakes Thunderbirds in the SCAA Semi-Final on Thursday, where the Vikings will be looking for a victory having been defeated by TLSS in the regular season!

Go, Vikings!


THE Vikings traveled to Elmvale Tuesday to take on the EDHS Eagles in their final regular season game. The boys were looking to improve their record to 5-3 to ensure second seed in the standings, and they were successful taking the Eagles in three straight sets.

Following the Seniors tough defeat in five sets, the Junior boys opened strong with some powerful serves, and continued to dominate the court taking the first set 25-11.

In the second set the Eagles settled in and were able to throw the Vikings off their game. This time it was the Eagles who were sending the powerful serves over the net, but the Vikings were able to collect themselves and take the set 25-22.

In the third set, both teams were playing their best, but in this case that was to North’s advantage. This set was full of some outstanding rallies and exciting action at the net. The Vikings felt the win was close, and closed the set 25-17 for the victory.

The win gives North the home team advantage in the sem-finals as they will host Twin Lakes Thunderbirds on November 3. The Vikings are looking forward to this rematch – a victory will advance them to the SCAA Finals and have an exciting re-match against the favoured Nottawasaga Pines Timberwolves should they be successful in defeating Georgian Bay DSS!

Good luck in the playoffs, Vikes!


On Thursday the Vikings traveled to Bear Creek Secondary School to face the winless Kodiaks. After dominating the first set 25-12, the Kodiaks came back with a solid second set defeating the Vikings 25-18.

In the third set the play was more evenly matched as the Kodiaks found their groove, but the Vikings prevailed and took the set 25-17.

In the fourth set, the Kodiaks did their best to rally back, but the Vikings were not going to allow this match to go to five sets. They took the set 27-25 giving them a 3-1 victory. This improves their record to 3-1.

Next game will be Wednesday as the Vikings host Nouvelle Alliance. Go, Vikings!


The Vikings traveled to Muskoka on Wednesday to participate in the BMLSS 12th Annual Invitational Junior Boys Volleyball Tournament. With nearly a full roster, the boys were ready for a great day of volleyball!

In the first game of the round robin play the Vikings would face the Huntsville Hoyas. The boys were able to stay focused, and each team took a set. The next game against Chippewa was similar, with each team winning a set.

In the final game of round robin play, the Vikings were to face St. Joe’s. In this match the boys had to really step up their game, and unfortunately both sets went to 24-24 and were decided with questionable calls – both in favour of St. Joe’s. This put the Vikings in third seed in their pool with only 2 wins, and so they would face Scollard Hall in the quarterfinal crossover.

Scollard Hall proved to be a very organized team. Their consistent play rattled the Vikings starting squad, and they were defeated soundly. The teams switched ends and prepared for their second starters.

The seconds proved to be more evenly matched, and the Vikings kept this set very close. As Scollard Hall started making substitutions, the Vikings followed suit and were able to maintain control of the set, and then going on to take it. The third set was to be played to only 15.

The first squad returned to the court, and again, a close game was underway filled with some outstanding play by the Vikings. Things were looking good for the Vikings – momentum in their favour with the score tied at 14. An exciting volley was unfortunately ended by yet another questionable call at the net. The stunned and disheartened Vikings were not able to get it back, and were eliminated by a third set loss of 16-14.

Despite the scoresheets, it was an outstanding day of volleyball for this team. The perseverance and growth was very evident throughout the day, and the boys are excited to return to their season tomorrow as they travel to Bear Creek to take on the Kodiaks.

Go, Vikings!



On Tuesday the Vikings hosted the Nottawasaga Pines Timberwolves in their home opener. Coming off of two straight wins, the team was confident all though they knew they would be in for a tough match. They took the court riding off of the high of the Senior’s victory over LeCaron in three straight sets.

Despite a strong start, the Vikings’ lead quickly diminished and the set ended up in a 25-15 loss. The second squad’s opening set wasn’t much different having yet to face such a strong and organized team, and they fell 25-11.

With the openers returning the court a little more prepared, the Vikings maintained their composure and battled hard. They were able to take the third set 25-18. But now it was the Timberwolves’ turn to make some adjustments, and despite their efforts, the Vikings could not defend against them and were defeated 25-14.

Although the loss was tough to swallow, the Vikings know what needs to be done between now and playoffs, and prepare for their first tournament tomorrow at Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes Secondary School.


The Vikings traveled to Stayner to face the Spartans in their second match of the season. The opening squad set the tone with an 11 point serving streak, and ended up with a crushing victory of 25-9. The second squad struggled a bit with communication and positioning but rallied back in the second half of the set. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and the Spartans took the second set 22-25.

With both teams warmed up, the play got more exciting. Both Vikings and Spartans were passing well and setting up for great hits, but they were also aggressively blocking. The Vikings had a slight upper hand, and the Spartans made substitutions to try to counter. It wasn’t enough to stop the Vikings and the third set was won 25-20.

The fourth set saw the Spartans at their best, but the Vikings had found their groove. Again, more substitutions from the Stayner bench, but they were still behind. At 20-18, North made their own substitutions to seal the deal, and the final set was won 25-21. Another 3-1 victory improving the Vikings record to 2-0.

The next game will be hosted by North on Tuesday when they will welcome the Nottawasaga Pines Timberwolves. Go, Vikings!

Home of the Vikings!